Disaster Relief

Supporting disaster-affected communities

On 2nd June 2015, the NMF-UK through the Aberdeen chapter donated N1.5 million worth of grains to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Maiduguri as part of its strategic IDP assistance programme. About 300 IDPs benefited from the programme which was initiated and concluded by the chapter. The chapter Amir, Dr Abubakar Alkali stated ‘After discussing the IDP issue and its attendant hardship to our brothers and sisters in North East Nigeria, we looked for ways to assist and bring immediate succour to those affected. We concluded that physiological needs are the first and foremost issues hence we decided on buying food for the IDPs.

The target for the IDP fund was £15,000.00. We first decided that each of us Muslim brothers and sisters in Aberdeen will contribute $40 to the fund. We then approached the Aberdeen mosque and Islamic centre (AMiC) who upon seeing our letter from the NMF-UK agreed to assist us by outing up a link for donation on their website. We also did a mosque collection on two occasions courtesy of AMiC who gave us the two slots to announce our project in the mosque. One brother at the mosque gave us £1,000.00. Masha Allah. We also liaised with the NMF-UK management committee and decided that all monies realised from the collection will be used to buy grains for the IDPs. The second phase of the project which involved collection of about 130 bags of new and used clothes was also successfully concluded in 2017 and the clothes distributed to the IDPs in Nigeria.