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Welcome to the NMFUK Website

(Charity No. 1144040)


NMFUK invites you to the Annual Winter Conference holding in Leicester on December 22, 2012 in shaa Allah . Details can be downloaded   here

The Nigeria Muslim Forum is a UK-based Islamic Organisation whose membership is open to all Nigerian Muslims. Its initial members are mainly students but have now grown to more settled members.

The Forum is an affiliate of Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), and a member of Council of Nigerian Muslim Organisations in UK and Ireland (CNMO).

The main activities of the Forum include:

  • Organising, through Regional (and Local) Branches, Ta'lim sessions (Study Circles).
  • Organising National/International events where issues of Islamic significance are discussed.
  • Liasing with other organisations within and outside Nigeria in executing projects/activities that are of benefit to Nigerian Muslims in particular and the Ummah as a whole.
  • Sponsoring qualified and deserving Nigerian Muslims in furthering their education within and outside Nigeria.

NMFUK has concluded the live charity appeal, but you can still donate by following this link. 

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