Education Scheme

Eliminating barriars to quality education

The importance of education economically, socially, religiously and in every other facet of life cannot be over emphasised. Yet, its current condition that inevitably reflects in our current deplorable state in these facets of life is a very sad one. This situation has led to a clamour by many members of the society for an urgent intervention in the education sector to bring about some positive change in this regard.

To this end, NMFUK has initiated a programme tagged NMFUK Education Program that attempts to do just that, to stage an intervention in the education sector. The program seeks to improve access to quality education through sponsorships, teacher training and equiping schools with resources.

The committee's vision

To bring about a complete positive change in our society in the way we view and value education, knowledge & information by making them available to everybody in Nigeria and the UK irrespective of gender, age, tribe & religion to raise a generation of educated and enlightened members of the society.

Ways to Help

  • Sponsor a pupil - £10 per month
  • Sponsor a teacher - £50 per month
  • Sponsor teacher training programme - £150 will help train 20+ teachers
  • Join the committee to support it's activities

Recent Programmes

The education committee has sponsored 10 children through the out-of-school initiative with NNMI and FlexiSAF foundation. All sponsored children were enrolled and have successfully completed their first term session.
The education committee has organised a series of online quizzes for young people. The committee hosted participants from the UK, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.
The education committee in its continuous efforts towards supporting educational institutions has donated a thousand pounds to Md Memorial Centre, Nigera for the construction of additional classrooms.